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Friday February 24, 2017

Dinner Lecture 5:30 pm

  “Welcome to Hollywood”  
with Karl Luthin, DVM

     Karl Luthin has been involved in over 60 movies, either in the capacity of on- site veterinarian, as a re-enactor, or as prop supply- - this category includes both live and plastic horses, uniforms and horse equipment from wars dating back to the French and Indian War thru WWI. 

      It will cover many of his experiences while working on the movie sets in over 60 productions and mini-series.  Multi-faceted Luthin  is often the on-site veterinarian, or re-enactor, frequently providing props, set dressings, and horses, or as an advisor helping to insure the historic accuracy of the equipment or costumes being used.

       Some of the productions he has been involved in are, “Gods and Generals”, “Glory”, The “John Adams” mini-series,  “Into the West”, “Gettysburg”, “Cold Mountain”, and most recently providing a massive amount of props as well as the horse Daniel Day Lewis  rode in the movie  “Lincoln”. Karl will be bringing film clips and slides from many of these movies, as well as movie posters, and the behind-the-scenes stories. 

RESERVATION FORM & DINNER FARE (pdf)  <-- click here

RESERVATION FORM & DINNER FARE (Word) <-- click here

RESERVATION FORM & DINNER FARE (pdf)  <-- click here

RESERVATION FORM & DINNER FARE (Word) <-- click here
Wild Hare Cafe - Elkhart Historical Society Lecture Series

Guy Fraker speaking on his book:
"Lincoln's Ladder to the Presidency"
Paul Beaver, Emeritus of Lincoln College,
speaking on the Scully's in central Illinois
Peter Neihaus, speaking on
his years spent in South Africa
Dr. Dennis Campbell of Lincoln
College speaking on local mammals
Karl Luthin, DVM presents “The Perils of Traveling in an 1800’s Winter”
6 Feb., 2015 LDN: "From War’s Ashes
to the Birth of Lincoln College"

Mt. Pulaski 1850's Courthouse to where
Lawyer A. Lincoln traveled on the
Illinois 8th Judicial Circuit

Annual Spring tours of
Elkhart Hill flowers

 “An Evening with Mark McDonald”

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