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Wild Hare Cafe in Elkhart, IL.


Friday October 7, 2016

“The Underground Railroad”   by  Nancy Saul


Nancy Rollings Saul is an award-winning writer and photographer with an abiding interest in history. She served as Lifestyle editor for
The Courier for more than 20 years and now provides stories and pictures for Bends and Byways, Logan County’s new independent magazine.

     Saul has a particular interest in the Underground Railroad. In 2003, she curated an Underground Railroad exhibit for The Courier in the
Layman Gallery at Lincoln College in conjunction with Lincoln’s 150
th anniversary celebration. She has also given many programs about the
Underground Railroad and about the alleged use of quilts as signals on the Underground Railroad.


For her upcoming program, Saul will explain the workings of the Underground Railroad, profile its most common users and discuss
which Logan County people may have been involved in its operation. She will also throw in a few stories she
 has heard about the Underground Railroad in Logan County.


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Wild Hare Cafe - Elkhart Historical Society
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