Elkhart Historical Society
 Dinner-Lecture Series

Wild Hare Cafe in Elkhart, IL.

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The Elkhart Historical Society announces the return of  Karl Luthin, DVM, to the Dinner Lecture podium, Friday January 26.
at the Wild Hare Café in Horsefeathers Shop, Elkhart Illinois.  Dr. Karl will regale us with the challenges of training horses for the movies. 
Luthin’s credentials are numerous from both the professional veterinarian standpoint but also from the aspect of the big screen as a reenactor. 
Some of the movies which Luthin has been a part of are: Gods and Generals”, “Glory”, The “John Adams”,  “Into the West” mini series, “Gettysburg”,
“Cold Mountain”, and most recently providing a tremendous amount of equipment as well as the horse Daniel Day Lewis  rode in  “Lincoln”.

The Elkhart Historical Society announces the return of Dr. Dennis Campbell at 5:30 pm on Friday,  February 23rd with his newest dinner lecture entitled “A Walk Back in Time – Peoples of the Past Within Illinois.”  This illustrated dinner lecture at the Wild Hare Café in the Horsefeathers Shop, Elkhart, Illinois, will talk about how Native Americans and Pioneers would have interacted with the environment and how they had to adapt to the land and its resources. He will touch on cultures as far back as 12,000 years ago during the Paleo-Indian time, through the Archaic, Woodland and Mississippian eras, and then to the more recent Kickapoo farmers and Pioneer settlers. 

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