Brian “Fox” Ellis

Friday, Nov. 2, 2018

Wildhare Cafe Dinner Lecture


Elkhart Explores a Different View of Illinois’ Bicentennial

with a Performance of Two Faces of Illinois’ History

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 Sparks will fly in this recreation of a dramatic debate between our Territorial Governor Ninian Edwards and Potawatomi Chief Gomo on Friday, November 2nd at The Wild Hare Cafe, Elkhart. Doors open at 5pm with dinner starting at 5:30. Tickets are $40 and reservations are required and can be made by calling 217-947-2238. Dinner will consist of Beef or Chicken Pasties Pies served with baked squash, sweet corn and rolls as well as stewed apples topped with whipped cream or ice cream topped with chocolate sauce. The program will be held not far from the place where Edward’s Trace crosses through town. This original performance is part of the official Illinois 200 Bicentennial Celebration.  

Materials will be provided. All classes will meet from 10 -2.
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Fee $30 per class. Examples of each lesson will be on
display at Horsefeathers during the month of each class.

Call Horsefeathers at 217-947-2100 to sign up or
for additional information.


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Wild Hare Cafe - Elkhart Historical Society Lecture Series

Guy Fraker speaking on his book:
"Lincoln's Ladder to the Presidency"
Paul Beaver, Emeritus of Lincoln College,
speaking on the Scully's in central Illinois
Peter Neihaus, speaking on
his years spent in South Africa
Dr. Dennis Campbell of Lincoln
College speaking on local mammals
Karl Luthin, DVM presents “The Perils of Traveling in an 1800’s Winter”
6 Feb., 2015 LDN: "From War’s Ashes
to the Birth of Lincoln College"

Mt. Pulaski 1850's Courthouse to where
Lawyer A. Lincoln traveled on the
Illinois 8th Judicial Circuit

Annual Spring tours of
Elkhart Hill flowers

 “An Evening with Mark McDonald”

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< all presentations are crafted on-site >

11x14 acrylic
n canvas board

11x14 watercolor
11x14 watercolor

Renee's morning class (10-12) ...
 watercolor painting 
Afternoon class (1-3) ...
 acrylic painting on canvas board

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