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11x14 watercolor
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WWI historian Paul Osman of Williamsville gave a stirring talk at the dedication of the Veteran’s Park in Elkhart.. Osman’s knowledge not only of the war, but also of members of the Elkhart community who served in it.  Osman had just returned from his 11th trip to the Western Front in France and Belgium. During this recent trip, he visited the battlefields and graves of several Elkhart WWI soldiers.


Jim Grimaldi went to France to honor the memory of the
paratroopers who jumped into France on D-Day hours before the
 main landing  on the beaches of Normandy.

Paul Beaver: William Scully & the Scully estates of Logan County, Illinois

Scully began to drain his Illinois prairie land around 1870, using big open ditches - the first to use a drainage system in Logan County, allowing Scully's tenant farmers to get into their fields two weeks earlier than the other farmers as a result. 


1880’s Henry Pitcher & Sons Pipe Organ that
 resided in "Oglehurst" of Gov. Richard
 Oglesby on Elkhart Hill in the 1880's & '90's

20,000-year-old mammoth tusk and tooth found north of Lincoln

Scully began to drain his Illinois prairie land
around 1870, using big open ditches similar
to the type he was familiar with in Ireland.

Wildhare owner's former residence: 
Cape Town, South Africa
  Rothering discusses bird banding & the significance of a high biodiverse "island" (oasis) to migrating birds The devastation caused by the
emerald ash borer (EAB) in most
 ash trees
"From War’s Ashes to the Birth of Lincoln College” ... Paul Beaver gives insight to the
 founding of Lincoln College

William Scully was at one time the owner of perhaps more farmland in the United States than any other single individual, yet his life was often shrouded in mystery and clouded by half truths. Paul Beaver, in his book,  reveals this pioneer landlord in a more accurate light. 


As portrayed by Joe Woodard, Abraham Lincoln
rides down the historic Edwards Trace on Elkhart Hill

Catholic chaplains in all Irish regiments
during the Civil War

Tony Rothering, a biology prof. at LLCC, supervises
 students keeping track of birds for migration &
population growth studies.

Scully Surveyors & Ditch Diggers
in mid/late1800's in Central Il.